Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow-up Visit

Will had a follow-up appointment with his cardiologist in Kalamazoo yesterday. She is very pleased with how well Will is doing following his surgery last week. But, she will be monitoring him closely. So far, he has proved to be a bit of a challenging case. His case has presented as anything but "normal". So, the boy is writing his own book. Will's case has been so unusual that the cardiologist will be presenting it at a medical conference soon. When Will had his angioplasty last week, they were shocked at how severe the coarctation was. His EKG prior to surgery did not indicate at all that it was that severe. So, the doctors will have to rely more on signs and symptoms rather than test results to monitor him. Will has also started going to the "feed clinic" in Kalamazoo. Here, they will be doing occupational and physical therapy to teach him how to eat by mouth and swallow. Since he is still fed by g-tube, this is a whole new world for him. He did get a few tastes of cereal yesterday and seemed to like it. Part of his digestion issues could have been caused by reduced blood flow to that area. So, we are hoping that Will's recent angioplasty will also help his digestion issues by increasing the blood flow to that area.

Thanks for your continued prayers. This has been a very long road and the trip is far from over. We are enjoying the scenery along the way and learning to trust in God's unfailing love in a way that we never could have imagined.

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