Friday, June 17, 2011

Heading Home

What a week! What a roller coaster of emotions! Will and his entourage are on their way home. Most of the testing this week focused on his digestion issues. The tests did show some reflux problems that do need to be addressed. However, we aren't quite sure what the treatment is for that yet. The testing also indicated that Will has a lung infection and that is being treated with antibiotics. As of right now, the Doctors have decided to hold off on the heart surgery and try to allow him to get a little bit bigger before that is done. Will's regular cardiologist wanted the surgery to be done. However, the Doctors at U of M did not think he was bad enough yet even though his blood pressures indicated that he is within 10% of what U of M defines as "bad enough". His cardiologist was taking the approach that she didn't want to allow him to get "bad". But, the surgeons at U of M seem to focus on critical cases only that tend to be imminently life and death situations. It seems as if they sometimes lose sight of the quality of life issues and forget that these little one are people too who are trying to develop and grow and lead "normal" baby lives. While we are relieved that Will did not have to go through a major surgery, we are still concerned that many of his health issues are related to his reduced blood flow. Please pray for wisdom for the Doctors that they will use good judgment in their treatment decisions for Will. Pray that Will's health remains stable.

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