Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few More Details

Will's echo showed that blood is pooling in an area of the aorta. The doctor's initial thoughts are that it appears to be an aneurysm. However, further testing is needed to determine this. The procedure on Thursday will be a heart catheterization to confirm the presence of an aortic aneurysm. Based on the outcome of that test, decisions will be made as to what is the next step. If an aneurysm is present, they may elect to monitor it or it may be determined that treatment is needed in the near term. Treatment would likely involve placing a stint in the aorta. Will is also showing other signs of decreased blood flow. So, there is definitely something going on. Right now, the doctors need to determine exactly what that is. We really will not know much more than this until after the procedure on Thursday. Will is scheduled to report to the cath lab at U of M at 9am on Thursday. Will will be working with a new team of doctors. His regular cardiologist at U of M is moving to San Diego. The cardiologist that did Will's angioplasty in May, 2011, is on a 2 week rotation in the ICU so she is not available to do the procedure on Thursday. While we were hoping to work with Will's "regular" cardiology team, we are viewing this as an opportunity to get 2nd opinions from highly skilled pediatric cardiologists and surgeons.
Please pray with us for Will's health, wisdom for the new doctors that will be taking over Will's case and peace for Connie, Al and the girls. It is going to be a long week for all of them.

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