Monday, March 5, 2012

Home and Back Again

Well, Will has been home and now is back at Bronson. Connie and Al picked Nana up at the airport on Saturday in Grand Rapids and had to go straight from there to Bronson with Will. He is having some respiratory problems and is just a sick 'lil baby. He is still at Bronson and will be for at least a few more days. They are still waiting on RSV test results. Will is getting fluids and regular breathing treatments as well as antibiotics for a double ear infection. Today is a pretty rough day. The doctor did tell them that if it is RSV, the 4th or 5th day is the worst. So, he seems to be following that pattern. He is also having trouble keeping his feeds down. Since he still has a g-tube, they will start slow, continuous feeds and see if that helps him to keep the food down.

So, welcome home Nana! So glad you are here to help out!

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