Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hangin' in Kzoo for a Few Days

Looks like the Arny clan will be staying at Bronson for at least a couple of days. Will had his swallow test this morning and it did show that he is having problems with swallowing. However, the NG tube may be contributing to this. So, if they take out the NG tube to work on swallowing, they will need to put in a G tube (direct in to his stomach) to be sure he gets the nutrition needed until they can work through the swallowing issue. Will is getting an upper GI now and will also be getting an endoscopy. They do know that there is some bleeding somewhere in his GI tract. They just need to find out where it is and what is causing it. The approach right now is to rule out all the major stuff and then work from there. It could come down to something as simple as needing a special formula that his body can handle. But, until they rule out the major stuff, that really isn't something they can address yet. And if you happen to be in Kalamazoo and want an Arny fix, you can find them at Bronson Children's Hospital East Pavilion Rm 318.

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