Friday, April 15, 2011

So Here's The Deal

The boy is home (cue the collective cheering, doin' the wave, woot, woot, etc.). The doctors have officially diagnosed him as a little snot nose! He produces a lot of mucus. That mucus then builds up over time and causes lots of problems. So, he is now on meds to help dry up his secretions and he also has a suction machine that should help to keep the mucus cleared out. The other bit of news is that while Will was in the hospital, the cardiologist discovered that he will have to have another heart surgery (this is where we all let out a big "BOO!"). The coarctation (narrow part) of the aorta that was repaired during his open heart surgery in January has started to narrow again. This is due to the build up of scar tissue. So, at some point, Will will need to return to U of M and have a surgical procedure to open that area up again. It will actually be a heart catheter procedure where they go in through his leg and use a balloon to open the narrow area of the aorta. We don't know exactly when this procedure will need to take place. The cardiologist in Kalamazoo is in communication with the heart surgeons at U of M and they will decide when the procedure is needed. At first, we thought is would be soon, but now they are saying that it might not need to be done right away. So, we really don't know much! At the time Will had his open heart surgery, the Doctors did explain that there was a chance of this happening. However, it still stinks to be the statistic. So, all in all, things are going OK. Will does have some ongoing health challenges that he battles right now. He will continue to need some extra care until he either outgrows some of these issues or becomes big enough to learn how to manage some of them on his own.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. You have all been a constant source of strength and encouragement to our family!

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