Friday, August 12, 2011


Well friends, the little man saw his cardiologist yesterday and the appointment didn't go as well as we were hoping. Tests showed that Will's aorta has narrowed again significantly and there is also more than a 50% difference between his upper and lower blood pressures. It appears that his aorta has narrowed to 2.5. 10 is normal. After his angioplasty in May, Will was at 7. So, we know that his situation must be addressed, but we aren't sure exactly what that will entail right now. Will's cardiologist in Kalamazoo is sending all his test results to U of M to be reviewed and we are expecting to hear from U of M early next week with their recommendations. So, it will be a weekend of uncertainty. The expectation is that once U of M sees the test results that they will want to evaluate Will as well. So, there may be a trip to Ann Arbor in the near future. In the mean time, please pray with us that the doctors evaluating Will's information will have good discernment and that Will will remain healthy.

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