Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Schedule Change the surgery may be Monday or Tuesday. We're really trying to keep a positive attitude here, but man it is getting hard!

A few technical details - further testing has revealed that Will's aorta will need to be reconstructed. Typically with coarctation of the aorta, the portion of the aorta that is too narrow is cut out and the aorta is sewn back together. But, in Will's case they now think that they will need to reconstruct the aorta. This will require a longer surgery and a longer hospital stay following surgery. Will could be in Ann Arbor anywhere from a few weeks to a month following his surgery.

The nurses keep reassuring Connie and Al that Will is very stable and actually is healthy enough to wait weeks before having his surgery. While we are grateful for his current health, we definitely don't want him to have to wait weeks for this surgery. Right now, the plan is to take Will off the vent tomorrow morning. He will have to go back on the vent prior to his surgery. He is also being fed TPN and that will continue for now. We are just so anxious for him to get this heart issue corrected so he can start to have a normal baby life - being held, cuddled, feeding through his mouth and enjoying his family.

Thanks for all your prayers, visits and messages of encouragement. We appreciate you!

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