Monday, December 20, 2010

Today was a tough day for the little guy!

William Benjamin Allen Arny introduced himself to his family on Friday, December 17. After his birth, he was having a hard time getting the hang of the whole breathing thing. So, he was put in the nursery at Lakeland Hospital, and monitored over the next few days. Today, the Dr. noticed a heart murmur during his exam on little Will. The Dr. felt the murmur was significant enough that Will should be sent to Bronson for further evaluation. Shortly after arriving at Bronson, the pediatric cardiologist diagnosed Will with coarctation of the aorta. In normal people terms, that means that Will's aorta is too narrow. This will require surgery to correct. Will is scheduled to be airlifted to the University of Michigan tomorrow morning. Once the Doctors at U of M have a chance to evaluate Will, surgery will be scheduled - likely in the next few day. Right now, Will is stable and is being closely monitored by the staff at Bronson. He is on a vent to give his body a rest and help prepare him for the surgery. He is also receiving medication that will help to open the ductus arteriosus.

Al, Connie, CJ and Lyndsey would really appreciate your prayers. There was no indication of any complications prior to Will's birth. This has all come about very quickly and has really shaken all of them. Pray for strength, peace and discernment as they speak with Doctors and go through the next few days of uncertainty.

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