Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Message from Connie and Al

Connie and Al wanted to let everyone know how grateful they are for the outpouring of prayers and support from their family, friends and community. They have been overwhelmed and are so very grateful for each individual that is praying for little Will and helping their family in so many ways.

Will is waiting for his ride to Ann Arbor. The helicopter is scheduled to pick him up sometime around noon. The cardiologist at Bronson is very pleased with Will's condition. He is stable and is doing very well considering everything that is happening. The staff at Bronson has been nothing less than spectacular! They have been very encouraging to Connie and Al and so good with their treatment of Will. They are definitely some of the best at what they do. Dear family friends will be driving Connie and Al to Ann Arbor. Nana will be going with them also to help with the girls.

Once Will is evaluated at U of M, we will have more information regarding the timing of his surgery, etc.

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