Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Answered Prayers!

Just so y'all know, Will's surgery yesterday was a tremendous answer to prayer! Thanks so much to all of you who have been so faithfully praying! The Doctor said it was really a "fluke" that they found the pyloric stenosis during the surgery. We just know that fluke is a biblical term for "our God is good, really good". Had they not found that when they did, Will likely would have been in some big trouble by next week in spite of the G tube and stomach wrap being completed successfully. In hindsight, we can all see now that Will did have all the classic symptoms of pyloric stenosis. However, the Doctors were not even looking at that since they were looking at the GI issues as somehow being related to Will's heart surgery. Some of them may have been since he had so much going on at once. But, the pyloric stenosis was something altogether different.

Will is recovering at Bronson. They are working him up to normal feeding amounts and then are looking at a little road trip home in the next few days.

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