Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Guy Update

Will is almost out of surgery. Here's the deal. During Will's surgery, they found a pyloric stenosis (inquiring minds can google that!). Basically, the opening from the stomach to the intestines was too small not allowing food to properly pass from the stomach to the intestines. That was fixed as well as the G tube put in and the stomach wrap procedure. So, the little guy had his flapper between his esophagus and stomach stuck open and the opening from the stomach to the intestines closed off. Guess where all the food was going?! It is amazing the he was able to even sustain his birth weight much less gain anything. Hopefully, the right openings will be open and the ones that should close will now close. This should allow Will to properly digest food and start to work on sucking and swallowing. Eating has been miserable for the little guy so now he can start to enjoy one of life's simple pleasures - good food!

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