Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's A Great Day In The Neighborhood!

Will had his check-up in Kalamazoo yesterday with the GI surgeon. The surgeon was very pleased with Will's progress. He is gaining weight and for the most part is a happy 'lil guy. He is starting to suck on a pacifier (can I hear a collective "yes!"). That is the first step in his therapy process for learning to suck and swallow. Once he is comfortable with the pacifier, they will start putting a few drops of formula on the pacifier. Will's reflexive reaction when something is in his mouth is to try to push it out. Most of his first two months of life have been spent in hospitals and anytime he had something in his mouth it was usually because someone was trying to shove a tube down his throat. So, he will need time to overcome that response. Will meets with a physical therapist and occupational therapist regularly. It is normal for babies who have had heart surgery to have very weak upper body muscle strength. So, he will need to build his strength so that as he is learning to suck he will not tire so easily.

Thanks for continuing to pray for the Arny family as they adjust to Will's medical needs and establish a normal family routine.

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