Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So, here's the latest...

Will has been taken off the antibiotics that were started a few days ago. They were really upsetting his already fragile GI system. The Doctors have diagnosed him with colitis. We still aren't sure of what caused the colitis or the whys. They are giving him his formula very slowly now hoping that he will be able to keep more of it down. That means he is on a continuous feed which is not what they want for long term, but is what has to be done for now. They are also evaluating whether or not a stomach "wrap" procedure will need to be done. If I understand it correctly, the purpose of that is to make the esophagus smaller to help remedy the reflux and keep his food down. If that procedure is needed, it will be done at the same time the G tube procedure is done. We know that a G tube will be put in. The question is whether the stomach procedure will be done at the same time. Since both are surgery procedures that require anesthesia, if both are needed, it is best to do them at the same time. So, for now, the NG tube stays in until other decisions are made. Once the G tube is in place, Will will likely be sent home to start PT and OT to work on learning to suck and swallow. There is a window of opportunity after babies are born where they do suck and swallow on reflex. Due to Will's heart surgery, he was not able to feed during that time and that window was missed. So, for him, sucking and swallowing is a skill that will have to be taught. His little body is not able to accomplish that at this time. That can be a rather long and sometimes frustrating process. So, please continue to pray for Connie and Al. Will did so well with his heart surgery and the Arny family was so anxious to all be home together and establish a normal family life. This extra little complication has been difficult and frustrating to say the least. Pray for CJ and Lyndsey as they are adjusting to being apart from the parents quite a bit during this time.

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